A new way of understanding medicine and cardiovascular surgery.

With the experience of 20.000 cardiac surgery, more than 12.000 as the first operator, Marco Diena is considered an international benchmark in the surgical treatment of adult heart disease performed with minimally invasive approach.

Dr Diena
Cardiac Surgeon

Marco Diena graduated in Turin with full marks and honors in 1985 discussing an experimental thesis on heart transplant. In 1986 he won a scholarship in Pavia, taking part in the first heart transplant operations in Italy. At the age of 28 he performed the first cardiac surgical bypass operation as first operator and in 1995 he became, at 35, the youngest chief heart surgeon in Italy. In 2001 he introduced robotic heart surgery to Piedmont and since 2002 he has been directing the of the Department of Cardiac Surgery of the San Gaudenzio Clinic in Novara.

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The Foundation

The Cardioteam Foundation Onlus, born in Turin in 2008 thanks to the commitment of Dr. Marco Diena, is the first Foundation in Italy that is dedicated, at an international level, to research, training and prevention in cardiovascular diseases.
Cardioteam Foundation Onlus was set up with the aim of carrying out activities and projects for prevention and early diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases and promoting teaching and scientific exchange with different countries.
Cardioteam Foundation Onlus identifies prevention as one of the main values for the health and well-being of the person.

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Professional activity
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