Dr. Marco Diena, head director of CARDIOTEAM, was graduated at the University of Turin in November 1985 with full marks and honours in Medicine and Surgery, discussing an experimental thesis on heart transplant. One year later he worked as heart surgeon assistant in Nice (France) under Professor V. Dor, where he joined a project about heart transplant and left ventricular aneurismectomy by endoventricular surgical tecnique. In 1986 he won a heart transplant scholarship at the San Matteo Polyclinic in Pavia, taking part in the first heart transplant operations in Italy.
In 1988 dr. Marco Diena became heart surgeon assistant at the San Donato Milanese Polyclinic, where he took part in creating the first center for cardiac surgery in Italy (for highest number of operations), with Professor Parenzan, Dr. Menicanti and Dr. Frigiola. There, he personally operated over 1,000 patients, both adults and children (among the latter, also a 550 gram premature baby, successfully operated). In November he took part to a climbing expedition to Makalu, in the Nepalese Himalaya, as surgeon. In the following year he was requested as onboard surgeon on the Italian Gatorade ship participating in the WRWR round-the-world sailing race. In 1990, at 30 years of age, he became heart surgeon assistant at the San Donato Milanese Polyclinic, dealing with adult and pediatric heart surgery. He was among the doctors who founded the Cardiopathic Children in the World Association, which assists needy cardiopathic patients in developing countries.
In 1995 he was invited to start a new Heart Surgery Center in Turin as chief surgeon, becoming at 35 the youngest chief heart surgeon in Italy. With a team of heart surgeons, cardiologists and anaesthesiologists. he enhanced the number of cardiac surgery operations to 1300 per year, reducing waiting lists in Piedmont from six months to two weeks. Since 1995 dr. Diena has been at the head of CARDIOTEAM, a project designed for the prevention and therapy of cardiovascular diseases, which joins cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, anaesthesiologists, perfusionists and nurses, representing an example of active cooperation among professionals. In 1996 he performed the earliest beating heart bypasses in Italy with the use of the endoscopic device. Two years later, he presented CARDIOTEAM results at the VI World Congress of Endoscopic Surgery (June, 1998).
In April 2001, he introduced robotic heart surgery to Piedmont and directed the bimestrial robotic surgery courses held at the Pinna Pintor Clinic, after specializing in this field in Bruxelles, Lipsia and Dresda.
Dr. Diena has taken part in over 20,000 heart operations, 12,500 of which as first operator, both in Italy and abroad. So far, he has successfully performed 300 endoscopic and robotic cardiac operations. He personally operated over 1500 mitral valve repairs, with a 98% rate of success in degenerative valves.
He has published several original articles on the main international scientific journals and has been speaker in 24 national and international meetings. He is author of seven clinical studies presented in last years at European congresses of cardiac surgery, dealing with complete arterial revascularization, minimally-invasive techniques and mitral valve repair (Erice, Italy). He has been visiting fellow in the USA, at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and at Cleveland Clinic in Ohio.
He organized 12 international conferences with CARDIOTEAM – “New Trends in Arterial Myocardial Revascularization”, Turin, December 2001, gathered together some of the most important European cardiac surgeons.
In 2011, 2013 and 2015 he is a speaker at the ‘Mitral Conclave’ in New York, the most prestigious world conference on the mitral valve.
Since January 2002, he has been directing the Departement of Cardiac Surgery of the San Gaudenzio Clinic in Novara, a health care centre working within the National Health Service (NHS).
In January 2017, the first intervention, in Piedmont, of mitral valve plastic with three-dimensional endoscopic technique at the San Gaudenzio Clinic in Novara, completed successfully.