Dear Dr. Diena,
after many years, since I am still alive, thanks also to her, I turn up again.
The first and last letter I sent to you dates back to 12 August 1996, after you had operated on me on 3 July of the same year.
This summer my cousin, who does not miss a Turin International Book Fair, even to die, was lucky enough to meet you and I, as a consequence, to receive your book with the dedication that I really appreciated.
My cousin, giving me the book, told me that I would have had a pleasant surprise. I found it only in advanced reading, finding my 1996’s letter back. I would have liked to write you as soon as I received the book, but I preferred to do it when I finished reading it.
Am I so slow in reading? Not really, but I have to spend the days writing and reading for work and I have very little time to read what I want…
I liked your book so much because, perhaps without your wanting it to the end, your person come out.
You are really rich in sincerity and simplicity and your undisputed professional skills are greatly exalted by your greatest kindness of heart.
I liked everything about the book: the successes and also the bitterness, the suffering and the defeats.
I think of the joy you gave to thousands of people with your life organized as a mission, with a strong orientation, given from the beginning.
There are so many people who are grateful to you or at least they should be.
I repeat to you all my gratitude: I thought that my life would end at the age of 49 and instead, at 71, I find myself still committed, full time, to help poor young people who have become the purpose of my life.
You still have a lot to give and many are still waiting to receive a renewed heart from you.
I feel I can say that you truly renew hearts, not only physically but also spiritually, because, while working with “the red thread of life”, you know that you are collaborating with the God of life to prolong this earthly experience that it is destined to an infinite in which you and I believe.
Thank you Dr. Diena, not only for the intervention that has prolonged me this life that I love and that I am happy to give, but also and above all for the testimony of your life that has become a transparent proposal for those who find themselves living a life nonsense.
May the Lord of life continue to give you the gift of “a heart as big as the sands of the sea” (from a song dedicated to Don Bosco).
With so much gratitude and affection,
Don Felice

Don Felice Molino

Goodmorning Dr. Diena,
on 12 August 1994 in San Donato you operated my father giving him a new life (4 bypass).
Giving him the opportunity to see us grow up, accompany me to the altar, see his grandchildren born and grow up and unfortunately almost three years ago, accompany me in the last farewell to my husband.
Since then he has dedicated his time and his affection to cheer up my children as soon as teenagers.
Often in these 24 years he told me about you and your great humanity and professionalism.
He tells us how the evening before the surgery you wanted to know him and inform him of everything that would have happened the day after.
I was a little less than thirty years old but no courage, when you came out and I was with my mother sitting in “passion room” I did not have the strength to listen, I left my mother the task. But I remember your eyes and your reassuring smile.
In these years no one has ever forgotten Dr. Diena and in our thoughts there has always been the desire to see you again to say thank you from the heart.
Always grateful
Teresina Spandrio, Giulio Spandrio’s daughter

Giulio Spandrio

Good morning,
I write these few lines hoping that they can serve as a stimulus to all those who are or will be operated for different heart’s pathologies.
Ten years have passed since July 10, 2008, when I had to undergo surgery to replace the aortic valve, plus a heart’s plastic.
I worked my rehabilitation willingly, in a way that is within the reach of all those who believe they can do it.
Today I live a “normal” life, without any sacrifice, but with the respect to the limits allowed and my age: on September 15, 2018 I will be 79 years old.
My gratitude and esteem is directed to Dr. Marco Diena and his team, who have followed my case with real professionalism.
To Dr. Marco Diena and to all his collaborators,
a heartfelt thanks.

Francesco Brera

Dear Lady,
in November 2011 I was operated by Dr. Diena for mitral prolapse.
Perfectly successful operation and after the rehabilitation I went back to cycling and in the mountains, my two passions.
Today, at the age of 78, I am very well and I do not know how to express to Dr. Diena all my recognition for giving me all these years of life and sport.
So I will gladly buy his book and I would be happy if the doctor could autograph it for me.
I enclose a photo taken at 5 years from the operation to testify to how well I am.
Give my regards to Dr. Diena.

Piero DeCol

In the hectic life that overwhelms us every day, only a passion relieved daily stress: running.
I approached this sport only to follow my children, but over time I appreciated the spirit of loyalty that it transmits and I started to participate in 10 km races around twenty years ago.
I arrived to do thirty-four marathons and four 100 km races (the 100 km of the Passatore), but with the passing of the years I was denied this “nice sacrifice” because of a heart problem.
As for every marathon runner, for me it was like losing the thread of life no longer able to continue on the road that had accompanied me for so many years.
Only with the help of dr. Marco Diena and the Cardioteam, where I found wonderful and helpful people, I was able to get closer to my old passion.
“When in the most prostrating pain, you feel an uncontrollable vital impulse emerge within you, in the face of death the most beautiful thing that can happen is the joy of being alive. Joy and pain seem antithetical, but they can live together and if it happens it is an excellent help to continue your life path “. (Luigi Lo Cascio, Dorando Pietri’s interpreter).
A thought goes to all those who in past years have not been able to take advantage of current medical techniques and that have not overcome problems like mine.

Fernando Russo