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Degenerative mitral insufficiency: from the anatomy to the operating room

Sunday, 25th October 2020

SURGICON – Romanian Student Society of Surgery


Category:   Live in a box cases

Surgeons:   Surgical team: Horia Mureşian, MD, Gheorghe Cerin, MD, Theodor Cebotaru, MD (Monza Hospital Bucharest),                                                    Marco Diena, MD (San Donato Hospital Milan, Italy)

Mitral valve prolapse is a condition in which the two valve flaps of the mitral valve do not close smoothly or evenly, but bulge (prolapse) upward into the left atrium. Techniques of mitral repair include putting in chords in place of the ruptured chords that led to the leaky valve in the first place. Cutting out extra mitral valve leaflet tissues for large prolapsed valves and making other modifications to the valve leaflets to prevent further leakiness.


The live-in-a-box session includes four presentations:

• The surgical anatomy in mitral valve diseases

• Perioperative echocardiography in mitral prolapse

• Case presentation and surgical approach

• Sternotomy vs. minithoracotomy in mitral valve repair